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Welcome to Relitivity.com. Relitivity is specialized in implementing web technology and providing small to medium-size businesses with innovative solutions, implementations, data extraction, automation, streamline recommendation, and simplifications of their data management and networks.

I have been providing streamlined IT solutions for over 25+ years. I offer free consultation to all my customers and work together in planning, developing and implementing the right customized solutions that will best fits their IT needs and goals. I believe that every company, organizations or businesses has unique IT challenges and not all software or systems bought off the shelf will solve everything. if you are currently struggling with your IT environment or need assistance in planning, developing or implementing future customized IT solutions, please don't hesitate to contact me and let Relitivity be your solution for all your techilogical needs.


Founder & Visionary

- Jade


Innovative Solutions:

Although technology evolves on a daily basis, small businesses sometimes fall behind or struggle to maintain theirs. We can provide you with our free consultation and recommend how to reallocate and evaluate resources within your business infrastructure. We build customized innovative solutions that can assist your business with upgrading current systems and provide you with customized solutions that evolve around your business and not the other way around. Our solution will integrate seamlessly into your current IT infrastructure with minimal cost.


From start to finish we can evaluate your company's IT needs and recommend different implementation solutions depending upon your budget and time frame. You will save time and money when you hire our professionals. You can even shop around once you receive a recommendation from us and we are certain that you will agree that our rates are the best rates with the shortest implementation time and most comprehensive training.

Data Extraction:

If your company has an application that you've been storing data in for many years but have limited options on retrieving this data due to the software limitation, Relitivity can extract it for you. We are experts in extracting data from your access or SQL server and interfacing it to a secure web page where your company has more access and control of. We build custom reports, submission and queries based upon what your company needs. You will no longer need to rely on just one person to run the reports or queries for your business; all of your data will be available to you with just a few clicks of the buttons…any time and any where.


Some companies assign different tasks to different staff members throughout the company. This method may be effective 50 years ago but it is time to move forward and get your company streamlined and automated. Certain tasks should be automated within your company and can be with the right technology. By observing and shadowing what each of your staff does, we can recommend which tasks your company should be automating and which should be modified. We are certain you will save a few hours a day by simply making a few minor changes to your businesses workflow.


Technology should be easy for anyone to use, embrace and simple to understand what it is for; like the remote control to your automatic car door opener. We design all of our solutions with this thought in mind, keeping everything simple and easy to use. Keeping complex solutions simple keeps your staff more productive and reduces stress level in the office. Interested in setting up a free consultation? Drop us a line and see what we can do for you!


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